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About us

We are a not-for-profit non-governmental organisation based in Freiamt, Switzerland.

Our goal is to improve the humanitarian situation in Ukraine - and for the Ukrainian refugees in Switzerland.

Our mission

We have little hope that the war ends soon - and even after it does we expect that people of Ukraine will need shelter and help for extended period of time.

So we both strive to improve things that require immediate action - and try to build sustainable remedies that will help people in mid-to-long term.

Our efforts are two-pronged: sending targeted aid into Ukraine, and helping refugees locally.

Aid sent into Ukraine

We send targeted aid directly into Ukraine. The list of things we send depends on the current situation and demand. These are typically items such as:

  • Medical supplies

  • Food

  • Hygiene items

  • Sleeping bags and sleeping mats

  • Firefighter equipment

  • Clothes and shoes


These items are sent directly to the locations in need, such as Refugee camps in Ukraine and regional centres.


We are working in cooperation with:

  • Ukrainian embassy in Bern

  • Regional authorities

  • Ukrainian Army

  • Ukrainian Ministry of Emergencies

  • Other humanitarian organisations, such as, Nova Ukraina


We DO NOT send items designed for offence, such as:

  • Weapons

  • Ammunition

  • Explosives

Aid for refugees

Our main goal is to help people become self-sufficient and integrate in the Swiss community.


The following tasks are within our scope:

  • Provide temporary housing for short to mid term

  • Provide basic necessities upon arrival such as food, clothes, etc.

  • Help going through initial legal setup – registration, applying for permit S, getting a sim card, etc.

  • Socialisation and integration into the local community

  • Connecting to learning opportunities, such as:

    • Language courses for adults

    • School/kindergarten for kids

    • Nursery

  • Help finding a job. We provide no guarantees, but will be happy to:

    • Connect people to intermittent jobs. These are typically low paying positions that have low requirements.

    • Help building a CV

  • Support people seeking medical or psychological help, e.g. help making an appointment, bringing them to the doctor, translate during the appointment, etc.

  • Help finding longer-term rental opportunities


People must meet the following criteria to be eligible for our help:

  • Affected by the war

  • Not having comparable opportunities already arranged elsewhere


At the same time, we provide only the minimal required aid. For example:

  • We do not provide housing to people who own property in Switzerland.

  • We do not provide goods to people who are well off financially.

  • We do not seek job opportunities for those who are able to work remotely on their existing jobs.

Nonetheless, we are happy to support those people in other aspects.


We do not provide indefinite support for refugees

We help people get up on their feet and integrate in the local community – but we have no intention of providing indefinite support to anyone, and have no intention of supporting people who are not willing to integrate.

We do not provide general-purpose financial aid

We provide benefits such as housing, free clothes and food to refugees as needed - but they do not receive any cash benefits from us.


Similar principle applies to recipients in Ukraine: we are happy to support people with physical goods, and - provided there is enough transparency - empower specific humanitarian projects. But we are generally avoiding all wire transfers into Ukraine, and never give money for non-specific causes.

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