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18 pallets sent to Ukraine - Switlo takes positive stock

Updated: Nov 10, 2022

Switlo can look back positively on the last weeks. With two successful collection campaigns and reliable partners, we were able to send 18 pallets to Ukraine. These are currently being delivered to the most affected regions.

Six weeks ago we were happy about a collection campaign in Aristau and Oberlunkhofen. Our first fundraising campaign in Bonstetten in the Canton of Zurich four weeks ago was an even greater success: we were able to collect a total of 160 boxes of humanitarian goods for transport to Ukraine. However, this sum would never have been collected without the active support of the Catholic and Reformed Churches of Bonstetten, the municipalities of Bonstetten and Wettswil and all the other players. A big thank you therefore goes to them and especially to all the donors from the region.

Recently, the donations of the past months were loaded onto a truck. 18 pallets of humanitarian aid were brought to Ukraine. The goods were driven to Lviv, where they were reloaded and distributed to different regions. This transport is carried out by humanitarian organisations from Ukraine. The goods will be taken to the most affected areas, southern and eastern Ukraine. Also, Ukrainians who live in Switzerla

nd and have no winter clothing were able to take warm garments.

In addition to donations, we were also able to send goods from our partner Optitrade Muri to Ukraine. About 400 pairs of thick socks, 60 pairs of shoes, 46 sleeping mats and 600 thermal underwear could be bought with monetary donations. Optitrade has also set up a big bag at the entrance where donations can be dropped off during opening hours. Those who still want to donate can do so there for the time being. We would also like to thank everyone for their cooperation so far and for their kind offers!

These successful weeks give us courage for the future. But unfortunately the situation will get worse and worse in the coming months. The badly damaged infrastructure leaves many Ukrainians without heating or electricity. It is therefore more important than ever to help. That is why we are especially grateful for goods and monetary donations now!



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