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Our first donations gathering event

On 4th and 5th of March, together with Ringerstaffel Freiamt we held our first campaign gathering donations.

The response was positively overwhelming: people brought and gave away stunning amounts of things: over a ton of lasting foods, several palettes worth of diapers and other hygiene articles, about 10 bigbags (you see them in top right corner on the picture above) of sleeping mats/sleeping bags/blankets/pillows, endless amounts of warm clothes, shoes and more.

But even more stunning was the involvement of everyone we met on those days: during the first day we were overwhelmed, quite literally, with the amount of donations, But most of the people who came stayed to help sort, label, and pack the donations, many staying from 2-3 pm until after dark.

This amazing response empowered us to do more. After seeing all these people willing to help in any way possible, we realised that together we can make a difference. And there was no coming back from that.

More on how we delivered these donations and more in the following post.



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