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Successful collection campaign in Aristau and Oberlunkhofen - 11 pallets and 3 big bags

The Switlo charity can once again look back on a successful collection campaign. On September 23 and 24, a total of 11 pallets and 3 big bags of goods were collected from the Pfarrei St. Wendelin in Aristau and the Pfarrschüür Oberlunkhofen.

Although the weather on Saturday did not invite people to leave their homes, numerous donors brought clothes and blankets to the collection sites in Aristau and Oberlunkhofen. Especially warm and robust clothing can be delivered to Ukraine. In addition, medicines, hygiene articles and food were donated to those in need. The quality of the goods was mostly top class.

From the perspective of our charity Switlo, this is more than pleasant news and therefore we would like to thank from the bottom of our hearts all those involved, who made this possible. First and foremost, of course, to all those who donated. Special thanks also go to the Pfarrei St. Wendelin in Aristau and the Pfarrschüür Oberlunkhofen for making their premises available and for their support during the weekend. In addition, we could once again rely on Comolli Immobau AG, who kindly made their warehouse available to us. Many thanks also to you!

Besides physical goods, we also received monetary donations to cover fuel costs and transportation. We are also infinitely grateful for this support. Because in comparison with our first donation campaign in March this year, the transports to Ukraine have become more expensive.

The first transport to Ukraine, more precisely to Chernihiv, left on Thursday, September 29 and has already arrived. In the coming days the other transports will be organized. All the goods will be sent to the most affected regions, directly to the front line. At the same time, selected goods will also be distributed to refugee centers.

Lastly, we want to inform you about the next collection campaign. This will take place on October 14 and 15 in Bonstetten. More information will follow in the coming days.



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