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Heartfelt Appreciation to Burgerstein Vitamine

Updated: Nov 15, 2023

We're immensely grateful to Burgerstein Vitamine for their generous donation of vitamins. A special shoutout to Manuela Schmitter for orchestrating this partnership.

Today, we're delighted to share a photo story that showcases how these vitamins made their way to those in need. With the invaluable support of our partner, the Charitable Foundation "Free Zaporizhzhya," we ensured these vitamins reached:

  • Children and the Elderly: Residents of Zaporizhzhia and displaced individuals seeking refuge there.

  • Zaporizhzhia's Brave Firefighters: Serving the Zaporizhzhia Emergency Service with dedication.

  • Patients at Zaporizhzhia Hospital.

Your support and trust empower us to make a difference every day. Thank you!



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