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„Helfen mit Kopf Herz und Hand”, Cham

Another valuable and respected partner of Switlo is the association “Helfen mit Kopf Herz und Hand” (“Help with your head, heart, and hands”) from the town of Cham. Together with the incredible Rita Regez, we loaded and sent 10 lorries to Ukraine, carrying goods such as surgery kits.

Also, we conducted a special project together, helping the Ukrainian children's rehabilitation centre “Piligrim”. This Centre has been a haven for children from underprivileged families since the early 2000s in Mariupol, a city heavily affected from the first day of the Russian invasion. 27 children were evacuated from Mariupol amidst the bombing on February 24th, 2022. Piligrim found a temporary home in Germany. But in 2023, they began preparations for returning to Ukraine – to the western, safer regions of the country. After the appropriate building was found, Switlo and 'Helfen mit Kopf Herz und Hand' helped to equip and furnish it, making it completely habitable: we provided the gas central heating system and installed the boiler, and Rita’s association provided everything needed for living, starting with bunk beds and mattresses.


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