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Distribution of humanitarian aid to Internally Displaced Persons in Zaporizhzhya

Our sincere thanks to all the donors providing the goods that reached the displaced persons in Ukrainian Zaporizhzhya, and to our sistership organisations who helped with the distribution: the Non-governmental organisation "OUR FREE UKRAINE" and the Charitable Foundation "Free Zaporizhzhya".

Thousands of people fleeing the war zone settled in the Zaporizhzhya region, closest to the occupied Donetsk region. Among them are the elderly, the disabled, mothers with children, and pregnant women.

Today, the residents of the Center of Internally DIsplaced Persons received humanitarian aid goods collected by Switlo in Switzerland. A displaced pregnant Ukrainian woman received a stroller, a baby lounger, and a supply of baby clothes and diapers. Seniors received wheelchairs, walkers, and urological pads. Watch the report on how it happened. Special thanks to the women volunteers of “Free Zaporizhzhya” who manually packaged the pads for distribution!



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