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Helping mothers and children at the front-line municipality Novo Oleksandrivka

Novo Oleksandrivka is a rural hromada (municipality) located in the Zaporizhzhya region, closest to the war zone in eastern Ukraine. Before the war, its population was circa 4,000 people, of which about 1,500 lived in the administrative center, the village of Novo Oleksandrivka. Now, it is a front-line territory, and most inhabitants have fled and gone to safer places. But still a significant number remain. In addition, this community became a shelter for hundreds of families of internally displaced persons who fled from the occupied zone, including many mothers with children.

Our sister organization – the charity foundation "Free Zaporizhzhya" – organized the delivery and distribution to Novo Oleksandrivka of humanitarian aid collected during our latest actions. Watch the report on how mothers received diapers, baby clothes, and baby formula. As usual, our gratitude goes to the “Free Zaporizhzhya” volunteers who hand-packed the diapers for distribution.

Also, adults who left their homes in a rush and couldn't take with them their clothes received spare T-shirts, sweaters, etc. – a real help in their situation. We are grateful to all the people in Switzerland who donated funds to our humanitarian efforts or brought their belongings!



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